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Anagreement signed between HNU and Columbia College Hollywood with an aim to jointly build an international film school

On the morning of April 29, Bill Stanley, President of Columbia College Hollywood, Vice President Richard Crowe, andHan Lisha, Director of Department of International Cooperation Affairs, visited our university. The two partiessigned an agreement on the joint training of film and television professionals, and held consultations and exchanges on the co-construction of an international film school.

Li Hongmei, Director of the School Council of Hainan Normal University, met with the guests and had a discussion with the delegation. She pointed out that: firstly, Columbia College Hollywood has a lot of experience in the training of film and television professionals;secondly, the film and television specialty of Hainan Normal University has developed rapidly and has become an important position for the development of talents in Hainan’s film and television industry;thirdly, the cooperation between the two universities can complement each other’s advantages and will provide talent support for the development of cultural industries and the construction of Hainan’s Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port.

Later, Lin Qiang, President of Hainan Normal University, exchanged a discussion with the delegation of the Columbia College Hollywood. Lin Qiang introduced the development history of the university and the progress of international cooperative teaching. Especially, under the background of the current construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port), it is particularly important to cooperate with Columbia College Hollywood to cultivate professional talents in film and television with an international vision.

Bill Smith also introduced the development history and professional setting of Columbia College Hollywood, and broadcast a promotional video of the Collegeon the spot. He mentioned that Columbia College Hollywood, founded in 1952, is a film and television college focusing on the film and television industry. The College upholds the training concept of “practical skills in film and television” and has a strongfaculty. Its teachers and students have created excellent film and television works such as LaLa Land and A Tough Side of a Lady. He also said that Columbia College Hollywood expects to cooperate with Hainan Normal University to jointly build an international film school to train more international film and television professionals.

After the panel discussion, President Lin Qiang and Bill Smith signed a cooperation agreement between Hainan Normal University and Columbia College Hollywood.

On the afternoon of April 29, Bill Smith and his team came to the College of Journalism and Communication and visited the Da Vinci laboratory, the non-linear editing and media resources management laboratory, the interactive studio and other laboratories and learned about the college’s laboratory construction, practical teaching and other aspects. In the interactive studio, President Bill Smith and his team also watched film and television works created by college students such as Sugar made by Ancient Law and Flying in the Skyand fully affirmed the students’ works.

The head of College of Journalism and Communication briefed President Bill Smith on the professional setup, development and characteristics of the college. Qing Zhijun introduced that the College has continuously optimized the software and hardware equipment for professional teaching, makes full use of the advantages of the co-construction of the Ministry and the University and continuously improved the training level of Radio and TV Editing, Acting and other specialties through the “3+1” talent training mode. In recent years, the works of students from College of Journalism and Communication have won more than 120 awards at or above the provincial level. In 2017, College of Journalism and Communication and Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg jointly established anundergraduate programin Radio and TV Editing, the rich experience has been accumulated in cooperative education over the past few years.

Anagreement signed between HNU and Columbia College Hollywood


Anagreement signed between HNU and Columbia College Hollywood


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